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by master--burglar
by master--burglar
by Love and Rock Music. (TCW) The first half of "Destroy Malevolence," as Anakin and Padmé make their way towards each other.

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Desktop Calendar // March/April 2015



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Anniversary by obi's girl.  (Intertrilogy) Despite being a Sith Lord, Anakin takes out a single day out of the year, and remembers his beloved wife.

Executive Order by Rhonderoo.  (ANH)  Vader is given the order to execute Leia.

Eight by chopsticks. (Saga-spanning) Eight moments that stretch into infinity. Eight moments that determined the path of Anakin Skywalker's life.

Enough by chopsticks. (ROTS) She was alive, and that was enough.

Fallen by Rhonderoo. (ROTS) Anakin's descent into darkness.

Fairytales by Dangermousie.  (Intertrilogy) His life is a fairytale they tell children.

Forsaken by DarthTim.  (Episode III, written pre-ROTS)  Anakin/Vader poem.

In the Reflection by chopsticks. (post-ROTS)  He no longer considered himself to be Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Staring into his reflection, though, he would see vestiges of that former man.

Long Shadows by Lady Aeryn.  (CW movie missing-moment)  In the desert alone waiting for Dooku, Anakin remembers.

Monuments by Rhonderoo.  (Between ANH & TESB)  Vader pays a visit to his wife's final resting place.

Neverland by Lady Aeryn.  (CW missing-moment)  On Tatooine, Ahsoka learns some lessons about her new Master.

Not to Be Trusted by Leia Naberrie.  (AOTC)  An insight into the events that take place in the Nubian Embassy a few hours before Senator Amidala's Jedi protectors convene with the Jedi Council.

Opus by Lady Aeryn.  (post-RotS)  Darth Vader reflects on his former apprentice, Ahsoka.

Quest for the Blue, by Daenarrah. (AOTC-era AU) Personal shopper Anakin, with the help of his assistant, Dormé, goes searching for the perfect dress for his client, Senator Amidala.

Quiet Voices by chopsticks. (pre-ANH)  He worries for his own sanity.

Sealed Inside by chopsticks. (Post-ROTS) Anakin reflects while sealed inside.

Speed Me Towards Death by chopsticks. (Between AOTC & ROTS) Arrogance is not a trait of a Jedi, for it leads only to destruction.

Still by chopsticks. (ROTS) Standing before her grave, a man will crumble and a machine will rise.

Storms by FernWithy.  (Between Eps. I & II)  An old memory is the center of a series of haunting dream-visions for Anakin.

Take This From Me by Rhonderoo. (Between AOTC & ROTS) Obi-Wan helps Anakin struggle with burden of his prophesied destiny.

The Thread by chopsticks. (Between ANH & TESB) Today he knew that his son had survived.

Thrill of the Ride: an Anakin Skywalker Poem by obi's girl.  Episode III-era poem based on Anakin's possible thoughts.

Vader's Mask by Shara82.  (TESB) Anakin/Vader's thoughts during The Empire Strikes Back.

Vader's Mask II: Eternity by Shara 82.  (ROTJ)  Sequel to Vader's Mask; Anakin/Vader's thoughts during Return of the Jedi.

The Worth of Useless Junk by Valerie.  (Pre-TPM)  Young Anakin learns a lesson about the meaning of worth.