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by Love and Rock Music. (TCW) The first half of "Destroy Malevolence," as Anakin and Padmé make their way towards each other.

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In the past I've been somewhat lenient over what materials I accept to this site-- fanfics in particular.  Partly because I'm too much of a person who doesn't like turning down people, especially after they do the work of writing a fanfic.  But by that same token, the readers are taking time to read the stories as well, and they deserve a story that the author's obviously put a good deal of care and work into.

Your submitted material MUST follow the guidelines, or it won't be put up.

UPDATED 3/22/08!


Fan Fiction || Fan Art / Wallpaper || Fan Videos


Fan Fiction:

1) The stories must include Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader and/or Padmé Amidala as substantial characters.  Doesn't have to be romance.  In fact, I'd love it if I got more simple Padmé or Anakin/Vader non-romantic/character-type stories.  (Like FernWithy's Storms, for example.) Hayden and/or Natalie fics are not allowed.

2)  Romantic pairings other than P/A are welcome in the fic, so long as P/A still has a significant role.  By other pairings, that does not mean pairings that break apart P/A.  Those would kind of defeat the purpose of this site, wouldn't they?  ;)  I have accepted Anakin/Padmé/Bail triangle (or a similar setup) fics in the past because that triangle is seldom based on conflicting romantic interests (instead usually creating a conflict, as in canon, between love/duty), but you'd have to be pretty creative to come up with a premise in which I'd accept Obidala or Anakin/another woman. If you're not sure whether your fic follows this rule, just contact me. :)

3) Please check over your work before you send it in, or have someone else do it for you.  This is the problem I see most:  People don't bother to check over the story they send in for grammar or spelling errors beforehand, or don't get a second opinion on things like plot and characterization, and the result makes for a very poor-looking story.  I'll do the beta-reading if no one else will, but only if specifically asked, as I don't often have the time to beta every fic that comes in.  If I see a lot of errors in the story and no request for beta from the author, the story simply doesn't go up.

4)  If at all possible, send your stories to me in Word document format (*.doc) or HTML (*.htm, *.html).  Double-spacing between paragraphs is preferable.  If you can't send it in this format, contact me and we'll work out something.

5)  As a general rule of thumb, if you're writing an AU fic (since we all know when they start doing this canonically), Padmé and Anakin should both be at least sixteen before letting them do the really heavy stuff - i.e., anything beyond a mild make-out session.

6) Any rating of fic is acceptable; I have no problem with nookie!fic. ;) But please specify which rating (PG, R, etc.) your fic is.  As to swearing, I don't really care-- sometimes a few "colorful metaphors" help the tone of a fic, but don't overdo it.


Fan Art / Wallpaper

1)  Submitted fan art can be drawings, computer simulated, or whatever.

2)  Pretty much the same rules as for fanfic: has to include Anakin/Vader and/or Padmé; no anti-P/A pairings.  Any rating is allowed.

3) Do not use someone else's artwork in your own. If I find you've taken someone else's work without asking, your work will be removed from the site.

4) Keep the Hayden/Natalie graphics to a minimum. This is a Padmé/Anakin site, not Hayden/Natalie, and that is what the material posted here should reflect. Using non-P/A images of Hayden and Natalie to create P/A artwork is fine -- it's why I have galleries for them here. For now I'll accept the occasional H/N artwork as a cute P/A-related visual, but there is a fine line. I won't post artwork that actively attempts to paint N/H romantically, for instance, but a graphic of them simply "posing" together is okay. If there starts to be a ridiculous amount of H/N work coming in, however, I will ban it completely.

5)  Please try to send me the art in .jpg or .gif format.  Otherwise it can be difficult for some browsers to display, or the file sizes are very, very large and take a long time to download.  Not to mention severely overflow my inbox.  ;)


Fan Videos

A note about the videos: I'm going to be somewhat more selective about the videos I choose to post here than some of the other materials I post on this site. A number of - but certainly not all - fan videos I see out on the Internet (not just for SW) unfortunately appear to be not much more than the maker simply attaching footage to a music track with out seeming to make much effort in trying to match the footage to the music. On this site, I'd like to post videos where it's clear the editor put a lot of thought into the work. :)

1) Same basic rule as anything else on this site: has to significantly focus on Anakin and/or Padmé. No Obidala/Dormekin/etc. pairings.

2) If you'd prefer to host the video on your own server and have me simply post a link to it instead of directly hosting it here, that's fine - but it should be on a permanent host, like YouTube. I imagine most videos here probably will be YouTube links, since YouTube is so easy for so many to use.

3) Videos you wanted hosted on this site should be submitted in either .mov (QuickTime) or .wmv (Windows Media Player) format, as those seem to be the most commonly used formats out there. If the vid is too big to attach to an email, contact me and we'll discuss.

5) NO using clips from someone else's video in your own. The video should be all your own work. If I find your video has used clips from someone else's, it will be removed.

6) If possible, include somewhere in the vid a disclaimer/credits for the material used to make the vid. If you've already made the vid and don't want to edit the credits/disclaimer in, don't worry about it; just include that info in the email and I'll post it on the video's webpage.


Your material already follows all this?  Great!  :)  Go ahead and send it in.