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by master--burglar
by Love and Rock Music. (TCW) The first half of "Destroy Malevolence," as Anakin and Padmé make their way towards each other.

The Anakin and Padmé Gallery

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After Thoughts, by Lysthea Kenobi.  Shortly after their marriage, Padmé looks back on how she fell for Anakin.

Destiny, by Rhonderoo.  Padmé and Anakin face life after their forbidden marriage.  Spans through Episode III.

Dreams Do Come True, by Daenarrah. Anakin and Padmé have hopes of spending their first anniversary together.

Echoes in Blue, by Dangermousie.  Their partings are long and hard. Their meetings are short and harder.

Horizon, by Lady Aeryn.  In bed, Anakin and Padmé discuss the possibility of children.

Keep Me Here, by Rhonderoo.  Anakin and Padmé's last morning together before he leaves for the Outer Rim sieges, several months before ROTS.

Love in a Box, by Daenarrah. Padmé shows Anakin a simple and unassuming little box can hold a world full of treasures.

Meditation, by Lady Aeryn.  PWP fluff.  Anakin tries a new method of morning meditation.

A New Heroine, by Eisteria.  Anakin and Obi-Wan are in trouble, and it's Padmé to the rescue.

Perfect Imperfections, by Daenarrah. Despite the marks the war has left on him, Anakin will continue to be her husband. Padmé wouldn't love him any other way.

Reconciliation, by Vere & Set.  Anakin & Padmé deal with the personal aftermath of the invasion on Scipio.

Respite, by Lady Aeryn.  Anakin. Padmé. A deserted corridor. You do the math.

Rush, by Love and Rock Music.  The first half of "Destroy Malevolence," as Anakin and Padmé make their way towards each other.

Shall We Dance?, by rinabina.  A year into their marriage, Padmé and Anakin attend a ball at Theed Palace together.

Snow Angels, by Daenarrah. Padmé shows Anakin a little fun can be had in Varykino's first snow.

Sunrise, by Cindé of Naboo.  Padmé and Anakin steal a last hour together the morning after their secret marriage.

Sunset, by Cindé of Naboo.  Companion piece to above ('Sunrise'); Anakin tries to settle back into a routine of life without Padmé beside him.

Touch the Sky, by Daenarrah. Anakin and Padmé enjoy some time together in the most unlikeliest of ways.

Wedded Bliss, by Valerie V.  Anakin and Padmé indulge in a rare morning together.

When It Rains, by Meriwyn.  A lonely Padmé looks to a violent thunderstorm for comfort, and ends up getting more than she was expecting.


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