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Dreams Do Come True

by Daenarrah


Time Frame: Clone Wars
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Anakin Skywalker or Padmé Amidala. They’re both property of Uncle George.


This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

Their first anniversary was coming up -- just two days away -- and Anakin was supposed to be there with her celebrating such a wonderful event. He was supposed to come through the apartment door with a bouquet of flowers and sweep her into his arms, catching her lips in a passionate kiss. Then they’d have a sumptuous meal together, after which they’d retire to their bedroom for their own special catering of dessert and show their undying devotion to each other.

Yes, that was exactly how their first anniversary was supposed to go. Padmé had dreamed about it ever since the day she and Anakin were married. But she knew it was just that, a dream. Anakin wasn’t going to come through the apartment door, they weren’t going to be spending the night making love. With Anakin somewhere fighting for the Republic Padmé knew she’d be lucky if she got any kind of communication from him.

No, Padmé wouldn’t be spending her first anniversary with her husband. She’d be spending it home alone with only C-3PO and R2-D2 to keep her company.

Padmé rolled her eyes at the idea and let out a very unlady-like groan of disgust. R2 was never a problem and usually neither was 3PO. As much as she appreciated having the protocol droid around there were times, however, she found him to be completely and utterly annoying. She vowed the day of her wedding anniversary was not going to be one of those times. She’d shut him down rather then hear him give his condolences for “Master Anakin” not being home.

She had decided, as much as she didn’t want to, she was going to spend her first anniversary alone. She’d light a solitary candle for the two them that night and let it burn, hoping Anakin would somehow be able to see it so far away and know, if only in his heart, she was thinking of him.

Padmé was pulled from her solemn thoughts when a transmission came through on her holo comm. Frowning, she almost didn’t answer it. She wasn’t in the mood to talk to anybody at that moment. Knowing it was best that she did, however -- it could have been a message from someone in the Senate or maybe even her parents -- Padmé accepted it, wondering who was contacting her.

A gasp of surprise and joy escaped past her lips when she saw the image of Anakin before her. “Anakin,” she managed to get out, her hand covering her mouth to stifle the sob that wanted to break free.

‘Don’t cry, Padmé,” he said giving her a warm and understanding smile. “Or you’ll make me cry too and how will I explain it to Obi-Wan.”

Nodding and regaining her composure, Padmé smiled at the image of him. “I’m sorry, Ani.” She took a calming breath. “I just miss you so much.”

“I know, and I miss you too.”

“It’s not fair,” she started, sounding an awful lot like Anakin that day in her bedroom right after he came back into her life. She didn’t care though. “Our first anniversary is two days away and I want to spend it with you. I had hoped you’d be back here on Coruscant, not out there somewhere. I don’t even know what part of the galaxy you’re in.”

“I know,” was all he said.

“Is it so wrong to want to spend my wedding anniversary with my husband?” she asked.

Knowing it was a rhetorical question, Anakin still answered. “No, it’s not wrong at all.”

Giving him a smile that made her eyes dance with a bit of mischief, Padmé asked. “Isn’t it at all possible to put the war on hold for a few days? Just until after our anniversary?”

Anakin laughed at this, the smile that Padmé so loved covering his face. “I don’t know. Let me talk to the commanding forces that be and see what I can do. Maybe I can arrange for the war to go on hold for an entire month,” he added wryly, his mouth turning into a lopsided grin.

“That would be wonderful,” Padmé said with a sigh. “Just think of all the things we could do during that time.”

Looking over his shoulders to make sure no one, mainly Obi-Wan, was around to hear him Anakin looked back to Padmé and said with a devilish grin. “Just think of all we could do in the bedroom.”

“Anakin!” Padmé shrieked in shock.

“What? You mean to tell me you’re not thinking about that too?” he asked, his voice low and seductive.

Padmé felt her cheeks flush. Despite talking to him through a transmission from who knew how many parsecs away she could see the passion radiate strongly in Anakin’s eyes. “All right, so we don’t have quite disparate thoughts,” she admitted.

“I didn’t think so,” Anakin said, chuckling softly.

As much as she enjoyed the light-hearted, and somewhat heated conversation she was having with her husband, Padmé’s mood quickly sobered and she suddenly looked at him with sad eyes. “When will I see you again?”

“Actually…” Anakin paused, watching her face and looking forward to the reaction he knew he was going to get. “In two days.”

“What?” Did Padmé hear him right?

Anakin laughed seeing the surprised expression on his wife’s face. “That’s why I’m contacting you. I’ll be home in two days.” He could see tears begin to form in Padmé’s eyes and he smiled lovingly at her. “Did you really think I was going to miss our anniversary?”

Shaking her head and knowing it was useless to try and keep the tears from falling, Padmé looked back at his image, her vision blurry now. “But how- How’d you do it? You’re needed out there, Ani.”

Once more Anakin looked over his shoulders; he thought he had heard something. “I know, but I’m needed at home too,” he told her, turning to face her image again. “And nothing’s going to keep me away from you on our anniversary.”

The look he gave her was almost predatory and it sent a wonderful chill up Padmé’s spine that made her breath catch and body tingle.

Suddenly Anakin’s demeanor changed and he looked frantically over his shoulder again. “I have to go, Obi-Wan’s calling me. I love you, Padmé. I’ll see you in two days.” Then the transmission ended and he was gone before Padmé had a chance to say goodbye or tell him she loved him too.

It didn’t matter though, she’d be seeing him soon for their first wedding anniversary. Her dream would be coming true after all.


The evening of their anniversary Padmé made sure everything was right. Dinner was ready and perfect, C-3PO and R2-D2 were powered down for the night, and Dorme’ had been dismissed. She wore a dress that wasn’t too demure nor was it too provocative. It was just enough to leave things to the imagination. It also was easy to get out of.

As time ticked on and Anakin hadn’t shown up yet Padmé began to fear he wasn’t going to make it. ‘Please, he has to,’ she pleaded to whatever deity would listen. As if hearing and answering her desperate request the door to her apartment slid open and in walked Anakin.

Running to him, she threw her arms around his neck while he wrapped his firmly around her waist. Both captured each other’s mouth in a deep passionate kiss that left them breathless and Padmé weak in the knees when their lips parted.

“Happy Anniversary, Padmé,” Anakin whispered, resting his forehead against hers and looking into her eyes. “I told you I’d make it home.”

“I know. I know,” Padmé whispered back with a smile, running her hands up and down the front of his tunic. He was home, he was really home. “Happy Anniversary, Anakin.” That’s when she noticed something. Her smile lifting into a smirk, she added, “There’s just one thing.”

“What’s that?” Anakin asked, pulling back to get a better look at her.

‘You didn’t bring me any flowers.”

An amused look covered his face followed by a lopsided grin. “Sorry ‘bout that. I didn’t have time to stop on Naboo on my way back.”

“Well, I guess I can manage without them,” Padmé told him, her mood turning playful. “Besides I’d much rather have my husband to hold in my hands and fuss over than a bouquet of flowers.”

Catching the double entendre of her words, Anakin gave her that mischievous grin she knew so well and picked her up. “That can be arranged,” he told her and headed towards their bedroom.

Padmé was going to say something about eating dinner first but she decided that could wait. She’d much rather spend time in her husband’s arms and making love. Especially since she didn’t know how long he was going to be home. She knew they’d have to make the best of it and make every second count.

Padmé couldn’t be happier as Anakin carried her into the bedroom. He was home with her to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary. Her dream really had come true.


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