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January 9, 2021
First, sorry for the prolonged gallery outage!! Everything should be operating normally now.

I have for you... image updates!

In coming updates I plan to catch up on the remaining Clone Wars screencaptures, as well as from the "Galaxy of Adventures" YouTube animated shorts. And, hopefully some new fanworks content. :)

Aeryn @ 5:44 pm PST

May 7, 2020
WHAT a finale!! I'm still shaken, but in a mostly good way. Absolutely phenomenal and heart-wrenching.

Today's update includes images from the final four Clone Wars episodes. If you do not want to be spoiled, I advise NOT looking at the images in today's update:

I am working on other content updates, which will hopefully be up in the next couple of weeks. This will include the remaining images from season 7. I think I owe you guys some from season 6 as well! We'll see how much progress I can make.

Also: On Tumblr, it's Anidala Week 2020! An annual fanworks celebration of our favorite couple, with a different theme for each day. Tomorrow is the last day to participate, and there's been lots of great content submitted so far. Who knows, I might even submit something. ;) Check out Tumblr under the hashtag anidalaweek2020 - and maybe submit something yourself!

And last but not least... through tomorrow, the E-book of E. K. Johnston's novel Queen's Shadow, about our favorite Queen and Senator, is available for FREE as part of a May the 4th promotion! If you've not grabbed it, don't miss this! And another new Padmé novel by Johnston, Queen's Peril, is coming soon!

Aeryn @ 5:35 pm PST

April 12, 2020
Clone Wars update!! Oh, it feels so good to say that again, however briefly. Image updates:

Aeryn @ 4:52 pm PST

December 6, 2019
Massive fan artwork update in nearly ALL Anakin, Padmé and A/P galleries - big thanks to Marcela E. and master--burglar!! :)

Also added one song from the musical "Hamilton" to the Soundtrack listing.

Fan fiction and more to come soon! :)

Aeryn @ 2:50 pm PST

February 22, 2019
It seems I'm always apologizing for delays... for those of you who haven't seen this site's Tumblr, my mom suddenly passed away just over three months ago. I'm only now really getting back into a fandom-y state of mind. That said, I hope you enjoy today's update:


In other news - who's going to Celebration? Let me know! :)

Aeryn @ 5:44 pm PST

October 27, 2018
Images and Fan Art updates! Several pages from the SW Adventures #13 comic; several Clone Wars / AU / Skywalker Family / NSFW Anidala fan art pieces, and one Padmé ROTS piece. :)

More to come soon! Here's hoping sometime soon we get SOME news about the Clone Wars revival...!

Aeryn @ 4:06 pm PST

August 4, 2018
Whew! Been a while since I spent the better part of a day updating this site! Not that I'm complaining, mind you. :)

I FINALLY completed the A/P "moments" pages for Clone Wars! So, those of you dying to know my take on that Clovis arc... here it is. I've also added a page for Forces of Destiny.

Added one A/P ROTS fan art by Anima Eterna, and one official A/P artwork by Joe Hogan.

Also added three pictures of Matt Lanter/Cat Taber from the recent photoshoot in honor of Her Universe's Clone Wars collection.

More to come soon! And if anyone could give me the scoop on any good A/P bits in that Thrawn novel, that'd be great. ;)

Aeryn @ 8:17 pm PST

July 28, 2018
SO MUCH NEW CONTENT, GUYS!!! It’s a great time to be a prequel fan! We’re getting a new Padmé novel, A/P are both part of the new Thrawn: Alliances novel, Part 1 of an A/P-centric Clone Wars-era comic was released this week, and... WE’RE GETTING NEW CLONE WARS EPISODES!!! Like I said, a great time to be a prequel fan.

Anakin: New screen caps from the Clone Wars teaser trailer here.
A/P: Select fluffy sections posted here from the "Star Wars Adventures #12" comic story newly released this week.

More to come soon - enjoy! :)

Aeryn @ 6:07 pm PST

June 2, 2018
Small update - 85 screencaps of Padmé from her recent Forces of Destiny episode, "Monster Misunderstanding."

More to come soon! And don't forget, we have a new A/P-centric official comic coming in July! :)

Aeryn @ 10:42 pm PST

June 2, 2018
Small update - 85 screencaps of Padmé from her recent Forces of Destiny episode, "Monster Misunderstanding."

More to come soon! And don't forget, we have a new A/P-centric official comic coming in July! :)

Aeryn @ 10:42 pm PST

March 25, 2018
Looky! New canon A/P sweetness from the latest "Forces of Destiny" web series! ♥ I suppose even Disney can get it right once in a while. ;) New screencaptures here: Anakin, Padmé, A/P.

Also of note: I have for all intents and purposes removed all references to the sequel trilogy from the pages on this site - mainly the few images from TFA and some writing on the "Legacy" page. I'll just say at this point: The Skywalker family deserved better. I will keep the Rogue One and Forces of Destiny content up for now, but - as far as the episodic/cinematic Skywalker saga is concerned on this site, it ended with Return of the Jedi. I plan to adopt this policy on my Tumblr as well. If a post has multi-film content and happens to reference the sequel films as well, I may still reblog it, but I will no longer reblog anything exclusively referencing the sequel films. I apologize for anyone this offends - I have no intention of bashing the films on any of my platforms; I will simply not reference them.

In the meantime, I'm still working on remaining Clone Wars screencaptures and "Echoed Moments."

Aeryn @ 8:08 pm PST

November 12, 2017
Fan art update! Including... naughtiness! Wait, I didn't say that. ;)

Next up: I'll finish the Anakin caps from the "Lost Missions" and the "Bad Batch" story reel. Then, complete the A/P "Moments" section! By then hopefully we'll have some more Skywalker goodness in mid-December. (I BETTER get a decent twins reunion, blast it. And no more of this mystery-box parentage crap with Rey.)

Aeryn @ 5:11 pm PST

November 11, 2017
I'm back!!! Let's dispense with the excuses and get on to the update...

Enjoy! Fan art to come later tonight or tomorrow...

Aeryn @ 7:46 pm PST

July 9, 2017
Kind of excited about tonight's update - it's been a while since I've had new material to screencap of our couple! Even if it is separately, not together. Good to hear Cat and Matt voicing our couple again, too!

Enjoy! Hopefully we'll see more of our pair in upcoming shorts. I do also have some fan art, which I'll post next update.

Aeryn @ 7:40 pm PST

May 21, 2017
Updates to nearly all of the A/P fan art galleries thanks to master--burglar - some brand new, others are better-quality versions of previous uploads. :)

I haven't updated since Celebration - wasn't that an amazing welcome Hayden got from the fans there? I'm so, so glad. He's still such a sweetheart - and damn fine, too. :) And I about died when I saw the pictures of him posing with Mark! (See the picture linked recently on the tag-board.)

So no glimpse of Ani in the TLJ trailer - not really surprising; if he does cameo in the movie they're probably not going to let that news out so early. However, it does appear we will get some new glimpses of Padmé (and possibly Anakin) in animated form in the upcoming Forces of Destiny micro-series debuting online this summer! The animated shorts, each featuring a major SW heroine, will include Padmé as well as Ahsoka - while my hopes aren't too high for an A/P scene, maybe he will at least figure somewhat in the Ahsoka or Padmé episodes. I'm so glad to see a Star Wars project centering on our amazing heroines - I hope it does well so we see more along these lines! There's only one image (grrr) of Padmé released so far, which I've uploaded here; Catherine Taber has confirmed via her Facebook page that she will be returning to voice our Senator. :)

Aeryn @ 5:50 pm PST

April 10, 2017
It's a big week for SW! Celebration is this week, with Hayden headlining with Mark Hamill at the 40th Anniversary panel, and then there's The Last Jedi's panel. A trailer for TLJ is all but a certainty, as well as rumors/speculation abounding about announcements for Ahsoka and/or Obi-Wan spin-off movies (either of which I would be over the moon for), and whether Hayden/Anakin has a cameo in TLJ (which I would also be over the moon for). Apparently Hayden has photo ops scheduled for the same time as the TLJ panel, which would seem to dispel that latest rumor/theory - but as Lazy Padawan over at the SW Prequel Appreciation Society notes, it's not unusual for guests to duck out of a photo op for a bit to make a quick surprise appearance at a panel. And if George himself can blow us away with a surprise appearance at a Clone Wars panel like at the last Celebration I attended, anything is possible. So, we'll see! Either way, I'm keeping my eyes glued to the live stream on Friday morning. (The TLJ panel is at 11 am EST, 8 am PST.) As much as I can get away with at work, heh. AND, there're stirrings of a big SW-related announcement on ABC's "Good Morning America" tomorrow morning. Teaser for the teaser trailer? Who knows.

Today's content update: I've capped the second Vader scene from Rogue One here, with 56 caps. I apologize for the lower quality than usual - as soon as I can figure out how to get better caps from my copy of the movie, I will.

Aeryn @ 10:09 am PST

April 8, 2017
So the big news - Hayden's at SW Celebration this coming week for not one, but TWO days! Figures that I can't make it. :( I'm so, SO glad, though, that his autograph and photo sessions are selling like crazy - everyone hated him, huh? ;) Hopefully this means he'll make it to future conventions, and maybe - just maybe - dare we get hopes up for a cameo in The Last Jedi...? Anyone that's going to Celebration and sees Hayden, whether it's at a photo op or during the 40th Anniversary panel - please, please share pics and details! Personally, I'm going to be obsessively following the livestream at every possible moment!

In other good news: for those of you on Tumblr, Anidala Week 2017 is a go! It'll be next month, from May 4th through May 10th. So get a move on any fanworks you're working on celebrating our pair! Now, tonight's content update: I've started capping the two big Vader scenes from Rogue One - I've finished the first scene, with almost 100 caps; I'll get to the second scene tomorrow!

Aeryn @ 8:48 pm PST

February 18, 2017
Sorry about missing Valentine's here! :O Hopefully the size of tonight's A/P fan art update from master--burglar will help make up for it:

I'll be on vacation part of next week and the following week, so it may be a little bit before I return. Enjoy for now! :)

Aeryn @ 7:48 pm PST

February 5, 2017
Wet wintery day here in the Pacific Northwest, so... what better cure for the cold than some heartwarming AU Anidala and SkyFam art? :) All by the always prolific and talented master--burglar. :) Again, I'll see if I can put something special together for Valentine's Day. :)

Aeryn @ 2:20 pm PST

January 29, 2017
Another quick update today - it occurred to me I never uploaded any of that bit with the Padmé pinup in "The Bad Batch" story reel, so I've done that:

I'll address Anakin's reaction when I cap his parts of the story arc, heh. Even in animatic form he is clearly less than amused. ;)

Also, one cute AU fan art by the always prolific master--burglar. Enjoy! :) We'll see if I can't put something more substantial/special together for Valentine's Day. :)

Aeryn @ 2:38 pm PST

January 16, 2017
Just a quick fan art update today from master--burglar:

Enjoy! :) I'll try to have something for the other sections put together soon.

Aeryn @ 4:40 pm PST

January 2, 2017
It's a bittersweet New Year... while I saw Rogue One and enjoyed it, that enjoyment was almost completely overshadowed by the sudden death of our amazing princess and hero (in RL as well as on screen), Carrie Fisher. Celebrity deaths don't usually devastate me... but this one did. We all love and miss you, Carrie. <3

Another fan art update today from master--burglar:

Enjoy! :)

Aeryn @ 2:29 pm PST

December 10, 2016
Before I get to the good stuff, a note: DO NOT POST ROGUE ONE SPOILERS ON THE TAG-BOARD! No doubt at least some of us plan to see Rogue One, so please, no spoilers until evening (let's say 6 pm) Pacific Standard Time on Christmas Day. Because that's when I plan to see it. :P General, non-spoilery reactions are fine, but anyone who posts spoilers will have their post(s) deleted and be temporarily suspended from posting!

As for tonight's goodies... this is one case where naughtiness is more than nice! ;) Lots more fan art from our awesome master--burglar - be aware, much of this is certainly Not Safe For Work! I don't have any real way of knowing who's above 18 and who isn't, so the best I can do is stick this art in a separate album and let you use your own best judgment! (If you get in trouble with your boss or teacher, it's all on you!) Now, onward:

Enjoy the loveliness, and hopefully Rogue One if you plan to see it - and if I don't see you guys before then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)

Aeryn @ 5:42 pm PST

November 21, 2016
Just a small update today, since I may not update later this week due to the holiday: two new Vader stills from Rogue One!

Aeryn @ 4:45 pm PST

November 20, 2016
More fan art goodies! This time it's a batch of Skywalker fam-themed art from the prolifically talented master--burglar; as well as four new beautiful pieces - two Vader, two Padmé (one AOTC/one Misc) - by AnniePad to Anakin and Padmé's individual galleries.

Also, to those of you who were able to snag that exclusive Tsum-Tsum-themed A/P shirt - I just got word a couple of days ago that mine is finally shipping, so keep an eye out in your mailboxes! :)

Aeryn @ 11:35 am PST

November 12, 2016
And master--burglar's fan art strikes again! Today it's a ROTS piece and several TCW-inspired pieces, including a mini-comic called "Anakin's Journal" which is sure to earn a chuckle or two. ;) Be noted, a couple of these pieces are borderline-NSFW!

Lots more to come soon! :)

Aeryn @ 4:40 pm PST

November 6, 2016
More fan art lovelies for your enjoyment! :)

Big thanks again to master--burglar for tonight's update: added a bunch of her adorable Alternate Universe/Miscellaneous doodles, which include an adorable Vader/Amidala comic strip. :) Also uploaded higher-res versions of her TPM art as well as much of her AOTC art, so take a look and enjoy!

Aeryn @ 5:05 pm PST

October 28, 2016
Bet you thought I was going to disappear again, eh? Not happening this time! :)

Big thanks again to master--burglar for tonight's update: the artworks added today are inspired by TPM, so check out the pre-adolecent shippy cuteness!

The rest of you talented shippers who are holding out on your fantastic creativity - you know, I'm not above bribery... :)

Aeryn @ 3:04 pm PST

October 23, 2016
Big thanks to fan artist master--burglar for the bulk of tonight's update! She wholeheartedly answered the call for fanworks submissions (which is STILL open!). In fact, so much so that what I've posted tonight is only a fraction of her work! The rest will come in future updates. Thanks so very much, m--b! :) You can see the first section in the P/A AotC Fan Art album - 19 pieces!

Also posted an image of the adorable Tsum-Tsum-themed A/P limited edition t-shirt (which is available for just a couple more hours, if that!). If you haven't gotten one, get it NOW! The link is on the tag-board. Show Disney we appreciate them (finally) acknowledging our couple with official merchandise/apparel! I've ordered mine. :)

EDIT @ 8:18 pm: I've also fixed/updated the links on the "Spotlight" column, as well as the links to the image/fan art galleries in the navigation column!

Aeryn @ 7:10 pm PST

October 16, 2016
As of this month - this website has been online in some form or another for EIGHTEEN YEARS. Yes. My website is legally an adult in many countries! ;) And damn, I was so young when I started this... well over half my life ago. It's only fitting that now I re-commit myself to this website. A/P fandom is still alive and well, if maybe limited to a few small corners of the web: but as long as those corners are there, I plan to be as well. I'm well settled in my new job and new city, and I'm feeling more and more of an urge to rekindle my fandom. Because one way or another... Star Wars has always been there with me. ♥

Now, soapbox finished for the moment. I'm in the process of re-uploading the fan art galleries now, and will continue to do so throughout this week. For tonight's new content, I've added: several new Vader images from Rogue One (is anyone else actually more psyched for this than for TFA?), and several A/P-related pages/panels from Marvel's excellent "Darth Vader" comic series. Some of these comic images have been in my inbox for a while - big thanks and apologies to Tina for the submissions and the delay in getting them up!

Speaking of submissions... I'm putting the call out again! Fan art, graphics, wallpaper, fic, cosplay - you name it, I want it! Drop me a line on Facebook, Tumblr, or via email.

Aeryn @ 8:42 am PST

June 22, 2016
The main image galleries have been rebuilt and are more or less complete; I may have a few images yet to dig up/add. New to the galleries: Anakin/Vader screencaps from "Rebels"!

Next up will be reconstruction of the fan art/wallpaper galleries. :)

Aeryn @ 11:38 am PST

June 11, 2016
Most pages should be online and properly coded to the correct layout - if you spot a busted link or a page that hasn't been formatted to the layout of the rest of the site, please let me know.

Content-wise: All the essays linked to on the "Essays" page should be up and running, as all of them are now hosted on this website.

Some time tomorrow hopefully, I'll address the issue of the image and fan art/wallpaper galleries.

Aeryn @ 9:53 pm PST

June 10, 2016
Slowly but surely bringing things back online. Finished cleaning up everything in the Anakin and A/P sections, and am partway through the "Miscellany" section - got all the existing "Parallel Couples" pages coded, and am in the process of rebuilding the essay page. It was brought to my attention that many of the essay links are dead, so - with the assistance of the Wayback Machine - I'm moving all the old linked essays to be hosted on this server, which I should have done to begin with. So far, I've gotten four of the old SagaJournal essays up. Whee!

More to come this weekend!

Aeryn @ 9:21 pm PST

June 6, 2016
Raised from the dead - THE WEBSITE AWAKENS! :)

It took ages to figure out how to get everything moved over to the new web server. It's still a work in progress fixing code glitches on most of the website's pages which are affecting the appearance of these pages, and I may have to completely rebuild the image/fan art galleries - it will be done, it's just being done in small chunks as I find the time. Since the last time I updated I've moved cross-country and started a new job, and it's an ongoing and time-consuming effort to get re-settled.

In the meantime, new content-wise, I have slightly updated the A/P "Legacy" page to incorporate material from The Force Awakens, including a shiny new Skywalker family tree.

More to come as soon as absolutely possible. It feels good to be back! :)

Aeryn @ 12:09 pm PST

March 7, 2015
Yes, your eyes don't deceive you - that is indeed the one and the same TMOI mentioned and quoted in the newest Star Wars Insider! :D Check out TMOI's Facebook page for a glimpse of the article, at least our portion of it. ;)

New calendar for March/April, featuring unused storyboards from TPM/AOTC. Enjoy! :) I only have time for a short update now, I promise I'll get more stuff up as soon as I can!

Aeryn @ 8:45 am CST

February 1, 2015
Let's just skip to the good stuff, shall we? (Calendar to come next update.)
Anakin: Caps from "The Big Bang," and "Crisis at the Heart"
Padmé: Caps from "Crisis at the Heart"
A/P: Caps from "Crisis at the Heart"

Aeryn @ 8:07 pm CST

November 12, 2014
2800 AOTC Blu-Ray caps for your hi-res viewing/fan art pleasure. (Anakin, Padmé, A/P.) Enjoy. :)

Aeryn @ 8:44 pm CST

November 1, 2014
First off, BIG congrats to Hayden and his longtime girlfriend Rachel Bilson on the birth of their daughter! :) The birth was confirmed yesterday by Rachel's sister Hattie on her page. (Thanks to Eternal Love for the news.)

Next up: BIG image update... nearly 1500 beautiful Blu-Ray caps from TPM of Anakin and Padmé, together and separately! (No deleted scenes yet; those are on a separate "special features" disc I'll cap after I get through all the films.) I know you guys are particularly looking forward to the AOTC and ROTS caps, so I'll get working on those as soon as possible.

Last but not least, the November calendar, made with some of the new caps. :) Enjoy, everyone!

Aeryn @ 2:41 pm CST

October 28, 2014
Over 100 likes on Facebook! Thanks everyone! :D

For those of you not on Facebook who haven't heard this yet, some good news: I've found a way to get my own Blu-Ray screencaps! Which means, starting next update, there'll be bigger, prettier screencaps of our pair in the image galleries! I'll be starting with the live-action films, then working my way through the various incarnations/seasons of The Clone Wars. I'm excited, guys! The difference in quality between these and DVDs is unbelievable.

Actual new content for this update: Just a tidbit, a handful of screengrabs from Vader's brief appearance on "Rebels," here. (They're from a YouTube clip, so unfortunately not as high a resolution as usual.)

Aeryn @ 7:01 pm CST

October 25, 2014
Screencaptures from the third Utapau story reel now up here!

The bigger news: TMOI is now on Facebook and Tumblr! Check out the above links - nothing on the Tumblr yet (but will be shortly), and the Facebook is just getting started, with nearly 50 likes already! Let's see how much higher we can go! :)

Aeryn @ 3:39 pm CST

October 19, 2014
I lied/changed my mind. Here're the caps from "The Rise of Clovis," for your daily dose of heartbreak: Anakin, Padmé, and A/P.

Aeryn @ 9:21 pm CST

October 18, 2014
Trying my best to catch up on screencaps; it's a time-consuming process. Not that I'm complaining. :) In any case - I've uploaded the caps from the second reel of the Utapau arc, "Search for the Crystal." (After I finish this arc, I'll continue with the remaining Clovis arc and Lost Missions episodes.) I've also added a leaked screengrab of Vader's upcoming appearance on "Rebels." There's also a topic for Vader on the show on the forums.

In other news: I'm sending out feelers now, gauging the interest in a possible A/P or "Anidala" shippers meetup at Celebration Anaheim next April. We had a similar meetup way back at Celebration III and it was a blast, so I'd love to do that again now that we have so much more material to discuss. So: Who's interested? And if you can, please spread the word on Tumblr and Twitter and other fan sites - I'm not on any of those, but I know there's at the very least a pretty steady Anidala following on Tumblr. I'd love to meet you guys! :)

Aeryn @ 9:26 pm CST

October 16, 2014
Tomorrow, the 17th, marks an anniversary of a high point in A/P fandom: the debut of the first The Clone Wars episode to feature our pair, "Destroy Malevolence"!

Hard to believe it's really been six years. I remember squeeing over the leaked "Stop talking" line, the early images scanned from magazines/episode guides by wonderful fans and sent to me for posting here. We even got a spotlight feature story on, highlighting the return of A/P to the screen. (The article is long since gone, but see the A/P quotes pages here for the transcription of the pertinent quotes.)

I think it's important to realize how lucky in a sense we were as A/P fans (just bear with me) at that time - after the gut-shredding heartache of Revenge of the Sith, did we ever think we'd get any onscreen A/P canon again, let alone from a relatively happier time? Admittedly, TCW didn't give us as much A/P as we would have liked, but by and large what we got was good. Though it didn't feel like it at the time, I'll daresay season 1 - "Senate Spy"'s opener aside - was the high point for A/P in TCW. I love everything about A/P's interaction in "DM" - the fond exasperation of "He's probably late again." The way Padmé doesn't even hesitate to leap from a moving train across a chasm into his arms, knowing he'll catch her. The quiet relief/joy of reunion, then the fondly exasperated (again) banter and flirting before their - dammit - interrupted kiss. Padmé grumbling about being saddled with cleanup duty, no doubt a hint of life at home. Seeing them as partners in battle. Obi-Wan's sly hint that she's been on the Twilight before.

As a small celebration of this wonderful episode, I have one gift for you guys - a new wallpaper, featuring my hopefully-not-awful attempt to rectify the interrupted smooch on the train. (It also comes in 1024x768 size for those with that resolution.) I've also updated the spotlight to include more DM-specific materials.

Might have to do an episode rewatch later. :) Happy DM Day!

Aeryn @ 10:57 pm CST

October 12, 2014
What's this... ANOTHER update, already? (I'm striving to do better, I really am. Especially with this month marking 16 years of this website - TMOI is a HIGH SCHOOLER! Wow, I'm getting old. ;))

Guys, if you haven't seen the Utapau story reels on - Go. NOW. Even with the unfinished animation, it's some of the best character work in the entire TCW series, featuring Anakin and Obi-Wan. (Warning: will likely make you even angrier at Disney!) Since I'm a screencappin' fool, I've already capped the first reel in the story arc, so if you're interested in the unfinished animation, go ahead and check those out.

Also, an exciting new link for A/P shippers: The Anidala Network! Only a couple of weeks old, this place already has loads of excellent A/P material up (warning for the kidlets, some of it is definitely NSFW). Take a look and spread the word!

Aeryn @ 7:46 pm CST

October 7, 2014
Happy early Halloween, with a Sithly-themed October calendar! Enjoy. :)

Aeryn @ 7:08 pm CST

October 5, 2014
Sorry about the long stretch, guys - for now, enjoy the first batch of images from the Clovis arc, all the stills and caps from "An Old Friend" - Anakin, Padmé, and A/P. :) I'm still working on the calendar, we'll see if I can't have that up later tonight.

Aeryn @ 4:43 pm CST

August 9, 2014
Short update today - added the Anakin images from the season 6 episode "Orders," here. Next update is what you've been waiting on - images from the Clovis arc!

Now, a sad loss on the A/P front: Tryphosa20, talented fan artist and mastermind behind the wonderful Anidala Gallery on Tumblr, has decided to take a permanent hiatus from online fandom along with her sister, Tiffany-Etch-A-Sketch.  :(  I think I speak for all A/P shippers who know their work in saying that they will be sorely, sorely missed.  <3  Additional note: they also plan to deactivate their DeviantArt accounts, so if you haven't saved any work of theirs that you enjoy, you may want to do so now - though Tryphosa indicates she does plan to open another website for her work. I look forward to it! Sweeties, if you see this - thanks so much to you both for everything you've contributed to fandom and this site, and PLEASE do send me the link to your site when it's up!

Aeryn @ 2:34 pm CST

August 2, 2014
New August calendar! Still working on screencaps and other things, I'll see about getting those up tomorrow. Super swamped and stressed lately, but that's no reason to abandon you guys. :)

EDIT 8:55 PM: Forgot I had an episode already capped - so I've added the Anakin images from the first episode of season 6, here. :)

Aeryn @ 7:45 pm CST

July 6, 2014
Small update today - still working through all the emails I've fallen behind on. If you've sent something in and you don't see it in this update, feel free to check back with me, but I should have it up in the next update or so.

This update: 5 "new" Padmé pictures - 3 AOTC, one ROTS, one TPM; 2 new A/P pictures - one TPM and one AOTC. Also some wonderful fanworks submissions - a new Clone Wars A/P fic by Vere&Set, and two gorgeous pieces of art - one Padmé and one A/P - by AnimaAeterna! :) I've also cleaned up the broken links in the A/P fan fic section.

Aeryn @ 6:25 pm CST

June 29, 2014
Welcome to the new layout! :D Still got a few kinks to iron out, but the bulk of the conversion is done. :) I'll work on fixing the minor bugs and adding new content this week.

Aeryn @ 11:54 pm CST

June 7, 2014
I can't apologize enough, everyone. Not only am I super-swamped, my internet access is limited, at least as far as at home where I update this website.

But enough of that... good news, a new CALENDAR! I'll be honest with you - I STILL haven't seen the new/last CW episodes in full yet, but I did love this one (little) sweet moment we got at the end of the Clovis arc. I promise to have screen caps up from the final episodes in this next month. :)

Also, a PSA for anyone going/interested in going to Celebration VII in Anaheim next year: fellow A/P shipper and powerhouse prequel defender Lazy Padawan is putting a call out for anyone interested in "unofficial" fan programming not far from the actual convention itself. While hopefully we will still have at least the "Why We Love the Prequels" panel at Celebration again, you can bet the bulk of this convention is going to be, understandably, focused on the upcoming sequel trilogy, spin-off films, and "Rebels." The deadline for "official" fan panels has already unfortunately come and gone, and anyway Celebration has always been - IMO - short on panels that encourage real in-depth discussion of themes, symbolism, mythic influence, and the like, in the saga. If you're interested in seeing more prequel/saga-friendly panels along these lines, check out the Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society and drop Lazy Padawan a comment/message letting her know your interest. Who knows, maybe we could even put together an A/P panel? ;)

I've missed you guys! :)

Aeryn @ 1:08 pm CST

March 3, 2014
Just the calendar for today, guys - I've had a really rough weekend. (It was my birthday Saturday, but a lot of crap unfolded - nothing you guys did, though!) There is one fanfic in my inbox I've yet to review, my apologies to the author; I'll get to that as soon as I can.

Just a few days until the English-language release of the new CW episodes! And yes, I'll have caps up as soon as I can afterwards. :) Also a reminder to please use the message boards for any spoiler-filled squeeing, though you guys have been great about that already. Thanks so much!

Aeryn @ 1:58 pm CST

February 1, 2014
Take a look, guys - the calendar is ON TIME for a change! ;) I couldn't resist making use of the lovely "new" AOTC pics we got recently. Hope you enjoy! :)

In TCW related news: recently we did receive confirmation that, yes, the Clovis arc will be among the lost episodes aired, however - it's not certain WHEN those episodes will air outside of Germany and (allegedly) Poland, who get them this month. *resists urge to tear hair* Perhaps needless to say, I'll post any updates on this matter as soon as I am aware. In the meantime, if any visitors in Germany and/or Poland want to share any info about the new episodes before those of us elsewhere are able to enjoy them, feel free to drop it in an email to me - if you're including explicit spoilers, make a note of that in your email subject line, please. :) As far as spoilers on the tag-board... you guys know the drill. (If you HAVE to post something detailed, do it on the boards or through email.)

Aeryn @ 4:48 pm CST

January 11, 2014
I'm officially back! Website bugs fixed, fan art gallery working - the only thing remaining is I'm still in the process of moving the image galleries over to the new albums. I've reorganized the fan art galleries by era now, so hopefully it should be easier to find a particular kind of fan art. Say you've got a hankering for, for example, AOTC pretties? All in one folder. :)

To make up as best I can for the absence - I give to you today not only the (belated) January calendar, but a slew of wonderful new P/A fan art pieces (and one Padmé piece) from our friends at the Anidala Outside Gallery, Tryphosa20 and her sister Tiffany Etch-A-Sketch! Seriously, probably about 50+ gorgeous pieces from these talented ladies. Check them out in the new gallery here.

Aeryn @ 2:25 pm CST

October 27, 2013
Wow, what a response! Several of you responded in a big way to my plea, and I can't thank those of you enough. :) You're in for a treat tonight, guys - not only the first of several new batches of amazing fan art, but new MOVIE pictures too!

On the fan art front: Six pieces of A/P art each from Tryphosa20 and Tiffany, and two pieces from Angelina Benedetti - again, there's going to be more where this came from!

Tonight's new movie pictures also come thanks to these ladies: three gorgeous never-seen-til-recently promo photos from Attack of the Clones! :D Like I said earlier... makes you wonder what else Lucasfilm is hiding from us, right?

Enjoy the eye candy, everyone! And if you have any of your own, please send it in! :)

Aeryn @ 10:34 pm CST

October 5, 2013
Updates for today: New October calendar. :)

So no one interested in a Celebration meetup? Ah well. There's still time.

Apologies to anyone who's emailed me at the site address in the last month or two - I've only been able to access that email account through my phone (no matter how many times I change my password I keep forgetting it), and unfortunately I've come to realize my Yahoo Mail app doesn't always show my most recent emails. So if you've emailed me and I've not replied, I apologize. Feel free to try again.

CALLING ALL ARTISTS! I'm in fairly dire need of submissions - fic, art, you name it. I love writing and creating art for this site, but this site was always meant to showcase a broad range of people's art/stories, not just my own. (Let's face it, my own talents are somewhat limited.) When I get a bit more time I'm going to do some scouting for new work, but if anyone has anything they'd like me to post - let me know! I'd even be willing to restart the art/fic challenges if enough people were interested.

Aeryn @ 5:34 pm CST

September 2, 2013
Updates for today: New September calendar. :) (Those of you wondering why I haven't finished ROTS on the calendars: I'm saving those for the end of the year.)

Darth RL still kicking my butt in terms of energy/free time for updating - I think it's safe to say that's going to be the case for the next couple of months, at the least. I'm crossing fingers that things settle down at work come November.

Noticed not long ago that the japor snippet charm from Her Universe is now unavailable - bad news, in that it's not there anymore; but perhaps good news, in that it was popular enough to sell out (and maybe prompt more where that came from)? The Naboo earrings are still available, though - I may grab another pair to have on hand just in case.

In semi-related news: the next Star Wars Celebration is scheduled for April 2015, in Anaheim, California! There hasn't been a solid A/P meetup since Celebration III - I'd say we're overdue, aren't we? If enough people show interest I'd be happy to coordinate a meetup. Maybe at one of the prequel-related panels; maybe during a viewing of AOTC? (Alas, I still missed out on perhaps the most epic A/P meetup moment ever, my buddy AnakinsLuv shouting out "Destroy me!" at Anakin's line at the end of the fireplace scene - to riotous laughter - during an AOTC viewing.) Let me know! There's still plenty of time. :)

Aeryn @ 1:36 pm CST

August 10, 2013
Updates for today: New August calendar, in honor of our favorite CW episode. :)

Also - gasp - an update on the artwork front! The talented Anima Eterna has been generous enough to share several images showing the development of a gorgeous Skywalker family painting: one Anakin piece, five P/A. Enjoy!

Last but not least: I know I'm late in posting this, but the always fantastic "Her Universe" by Ashley Eckstein has another absolutely knockout Padmé shirt prominently featuring our couple! Show your support so Ashley & co. know we want more where this came from - and that a shirt featuring JUST our couple wouldn't be refused, either! ;) After all, Han and Leia got a shirt - don't you think it's our turn?

Aeryn @ 3:07 pm CST

July 5, 2013
Updates for today: New July Calendar! :)

Belated happy 4th to my fellow Yanks. :) I hope soon to have more regular updates than just the calendars, but that may have to wait on things in my RL to settle down. That may be a while, but at the very least, you can bet on that calendar coming each month.

You guys are awesome, as always!

Aeryn @ 1:17 am CST

June 2, 2013
Updates for today: New June Calendar! :) Sorry for the infrequency of updates: Darth RL has been a bear in more ways than one. Work and tornadoes, mainly - yep, I'm from Oklahoma. Spent Friday night hunkered down in a bathtub; believe me, I would MUCH rather have been updating. ;)

In the meantime, Disney's true agenda comes more and more into light: before Clone Wars is even cold on the operating table, comes the announcement of a NEW series. Also comes the news that the AOTC 3D release was completed after all - as if we needed further confirmation that that "we need to focus all resources on the new movies" was a load of guff.

There is some good news, for those of you attending Celebration Europe: you guys will get the chance to see the completed AOTC in 3D. And I can tell you, from the precious little I glimpsed of it in Orlando, it far surpasses the TPM conversion. Anyone who IS attending Celebration Europe - please, do send in your reports and pictures! Especially any news regarding Clone Wars.

I hope people aren't giving up on the fight for Clone Wars - plenty of other series have been brought back from the brink! Even if Disney doesn't take heed of us, we're going to make sure their eardrums are bleeding from the noise.

In light of the news regarding Clone Wars, some of you may be wondering about the future of this site: be assured, I plan to update for as long as I am able. :)

Aeryn @ 5:42 pm CST

May 4, 2013
Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! Also, an embarrassingly belated Happy Birthday to our beloved AOTC/ROTS Anakin, Hayden, back on April 19!

Updates for today:
<-- New May Calendar!
-- At last - Anakin, Padmé, and P/A images from "The Wrong Jedi"!
-- Updated the P/A Links page
-- Two small additions thanks to Valerie/Treasure Ryder: one new P/A Fan Story, and one new P/A novels moment!

More updates to come soon...

Aeryn @ 8:43 pm CST

April 6, 2013
Belated Happy Birthday to our Clone Wars Anakin, Matt Lanter, who turned 30 on April 1st! :)

Apologies for the lateness of the April calendar - Darth Real Life absolutely blindsided me this week with a ton of crap. Anyway, hope you like it. :)

The Alliance to Restore the Republic - er, Restore The Clone Wars is still going strong! I'll repost all the links from before:

Save the Clone Wars
Save the Clone Wars Facebook
Save the Clone Wars Twitter
Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society
RebelForce Radio
Sign/spread the word on the petition here.

If you want to write a letter to Disney and Lucasfilm directly:

Disney Studios
500 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521
Attn: Bob Iger

P.O. Box 29901
San Francisco, CA 94129-0901
Attn: Kathleen Kennedy

More updates to come soon...

Aeryn @ 5:47 pm CST

March 20, 2013
I won't mince words. Clone Wars is on the chopping block. To have any chance at a proper resolution for the show and our favorite characters, the time for us to act is NOW.

You can check out the campaign at these sites (these are just a few):

Save the Clone Wars
Save the Clone Wars Facebook
Save the Clone Wars Twitter
Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society
RebelForce Radio
Sign/spread the word on the petition here.

And of course, don't forget to show the Clone Wars crew themselves how much we love them and what they've done: Dave Filoni, Ashley Eckstein, James Arnold Taylor, Catherine Taber. (Let me know anyone whose FB I've forgotten!)

All these links have great ideas for ways to show your support and make your voice heard to the powers that be at Disney and Lucasfilm. Letters, t-shirts, buttons, petitions, buying Clone Wars merchandise, especially DVDs and Blu-Rays... there are countless possibilities.

THERE ARE STILL EPISODES WAITING TO BE SEEN. And unless we act now, we may never see them.

If you want to write a letter to Disney and Lucasfilm directly:

Disney Studios
500 S Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521
Attn: Bob Iger

P.O. Box 29901
San Francisco, CA 94129-0901
Attn: Kathleen Kennedy

KEEP IT CIVIL in your letters and protests! Cussing out Disney and co. now won't accomplish anything. And remember, as Han would say... never tell (us) the odds! You may be only one person, but who knows? It only took one torpedo to hit that small thermal exhaust port...

Aeryn @ 7:17 pm CST

March 3, 2013
Aloha! March calendar is now up, as well as Anakin pics from "To Catch A Jedi."

Aeryn @ 12:52 am CST

February 17, 2013
Anakin pics from "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much" now up. What an episode! :(

Aeryn @ 7:33 pm CST

February 16, 2013
Updated the spoiler notice atop this page - please take heed! :)

Also, finally got all the Anakin pics from "Sabotage" added to the galleries.

Aeryn @ 2:37 pm CST

February 13, 2013
Okay - server glitch resolved! For those of you who missed the notice on the tag-board, the February calendar is up (and has been for a couple of weeks) and Anakin pics up through "The Lawless" have been added to his galleries. I'm still working on the caps for "Sabotage," since that was such an Anakin-heavy episode.

Now, I'm single, so I don't particularly observe Valentine's Day - but, I couldn't let our favorite couple (and their fans) go totally neglected on this particular holiday. :) My treat to you guys: a new wallpaper (in two sizes) featuring a new photomanip by yours truly! The manip is a "promo pic" of sorts - "illustration" isn't quite the right term - for my AOTC fic "Fascination." I've long wanted to have a visual of Padmé in the dress she wears in that story (I'm even considering getting it commissioned in doll form), and after endless hours of searching Google Images, I FINALLY found the almost perfect base for it. Then hours more getting the manip to look right. :) The two sizes are here: 1366x768 and 1024x768.

Enjoy, and Happy Singles' Awareness Day! ;)

Aeryn @ 7:27 pm CST

January 1, 2013
Happy New Year to my fellow A/P fans! :) Here's the new calendar - everyone seemed to like the style of the September calendar so much, I've decided to do a series of them. Hope you like! We'll see if I can make time for another update today.
ETA @ 9:28 a.m.: Addition to the "Echoed Moments" section! I've started the Padmé-Luke page. If you have any suggestions for ANY part of "Echoed Moments," please let me know! I'm sure I've missed a few.

Aeryn @ 6:55 am CST

December 30, 2012
First off, a very happy birthday to our wonderful Clone Wars Padmé and fellow A/P fan (not to mention a real sweetie), Catherine Taber! :) (Bit of trivia, Cat has actually played two of our favorite Skywalker ladies at various points in her career - she's voiced Leia in "The Force Unleashed" video games and the upcoming "Star Wars: Detours" cartoon series.)

Couple of small updates today - Anakin caps and stills from the TCW episode "Secret Weapons" (what a sweet little moment with Artoo there!), and three fantastic pieces of A/P artwork from Rinakin Skywalker! In the process of cleaning up some broken links in the fic sections, and still working on moving the image galleries over to the new location, so never mind the mess. ;) I'll have a new calendar - and hopefully more - for you on New Year's.

Aeryn @ 10:12 am CST

December 2, 2012
Just a small update for today - the December calendar. :) Hope you guys enjoy! Yes, I'm just as frustrated over the lack of A/P (or even just Anakin OR Padmé) TCW episodes as you are. I haven't even watched any episodes since the first of the younglings arc - which was a good episode, sure, but the Skywalkers are where it's at for me. Hopefully our patience will be rewarded.

If I don't post before then, have a great holiday season and see you in the new year!

Aeryn @ 12:25 pm CST

November 4, 2012
So, minor bit of news since the last update... something about new SW movies? Lucasfilm being bought by Disney?

Unbelievable. I never thought 7-9 would happen, at least not during Lucas's lifetime. I'm adopting a wait-and-see attitude for the new movies: while Anakin's story has been concluded in the films, maybe whatever new story George has in store will intrigue me too. We'll just have to... again, wait-and-see. As far as Disney goes, I'm hoping this means we finally get more Leia and Padmé merchandise and gear out there - since, after all, Disney's all about queens and especially princesses.

I don't often plug anything related to TheForce.Net, but there really was an excellent ForceCast this past week addressing the big news - I encourage anyone with concerns about the merger or the new films to give it a listen. It certainly eased many of my anxieties.

Something else also happened during the month of October that I overlooked - the 13th anniversary of TMOI! My website's a middle-schooler. o_O Hence the theme of this month's calendar: Anakin and Padmé's main on screen incarnations through the years. I'm also working on updates to the "Echoed Moments" section, since it looks like it'll be a few more weeks before we get any more A/P related screencaps. (On a screencap note, since CW airs on Saturday mornings now, I don't get my episodes on iTunes until Sunday morning at the earliest. I'll do my best to have caps for episodes up by Sunday evenings.)

Have a good week, everyone! :)

Aeryn @ 9:41 pm CST

October 30, 2012
Thanks so much to everyone for sticking around! You guys are awesome. Sorry about the lack of an October calendar - I'll try to make it up somewhat by having an extra-good November calendar. :)

For tonight, I have the first batch of screencaps from Season 5, here! (Feels good to say that after all this time.)

If anyone is still interested in the idea of a fan art challenge, let me know. I've also opened up/bumped a couple of threads for discussion in the forums, including one involving the most recent episodes.

Aeryn @ 12:13 am CST

September 3, 2012
The September calendar is up - and the spotlight has been updated to reflect a more TCW-centric theme, in honor of the return of the series later this month. :)

One concern that has occurred to me about doing a hand-drawn fan art challenge now: I know several of my regular visitors are DeviantArt members, and members of the Anidala group there (which I've linked to in the current spotlight, and has a fantastic selection of A/P art). That group is also running its own traditional art challenge right now, through mid-October, and was started back in mid-August. Since they started their challenge first, I certainly don't want to potentially siphon off any participants that might otherwise take part in their challenge. Nor do I want to make potential participants feel pressured to contribute to both challenges.

So my question to you, potential participants, is this: Do YOU still want a traditional/hand-drawn challenge here, and if so, would you rather we wait until the other challenge is completed to do ours? Or should we go ahead and start a challenge, but choose another medium? Or do you have a different suggestion altogether?

Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!

Aeryn @ 7:59 am CST

September 2, 2012
Happy September! Yes, the new calendar will be coming shortly.

So the consensus on the fanworks challenge is that we'd like to do a traditional/hand-drawn challenge, then? If this works for everyone, I'll do my best to get the challenge going either today or tomorrow, so we'll have most of the month of September to do it.

Celebration VI was a BLAST! I'll have pictures up for you soon, for those who'd like them. And it looks like we're in for at least one significant A/P related plotline this season on TCW - I'm biting my nails from what I've seen of it! For those of you who have not seen any of the new season 5 footage, here are some links. Beware, these are very spoiler LOADED clips:
-- Celebration VI trailer
-- Other clips

Awesome, right? Now, for this update, I have for you: "Seeds of Resistance," the first sequel to "Under Fire," has been posted in the AU P/A fic section. I've also added the Anakin-Leia and Padmé-Leia sections to "Echoed Moments," with more sections to come soon.

Aeryn @ 2:35 pm CST

August 11, 2012
Yours truly has been thinking, and that's seldom a good idea!

I'd like to revive the monthly fanworks challenge in some way, even if it's something as small as an icon or a drabble. I know there hasn't been the best luck with it in the past, but I'm willing to concede some of the blame on my not updating as often as I should.

So, those of you still here... are you interested in reviving a fanworks challenge? Fic/drabble, wallpaper, regular fan art, icons, videos? I admit to being partial to the video idea... don't tell me I'm the only one who listens to a song in the car and mentally edits Star Wars scenes into them? ;) I'll even go as far as to say I'm willing to up the ante on prizes for the challenge winners. Let me know!

Coding fanfic right now... aiming to have it ready by next weekend.

Also, it looks like, in other bad ideas, I have decided to attend Celebration VI in a couple of weeks! Who needs money, right? So, needless to say, there probably won't be any content updates that weekend.

Aeryn @ 12:47 pm CST

August 5, 2012
'Under Fire' fans rejoice... not one, but TWO sequels are coming your way! I hope to have it within the next few updates. If I end up going to Celebration, that may slow things down a bit, but we'll see.

Speaking of Celebration... here's a sneak peek at what's in store for the updated galleries! I've been wanting to do an A/P fandom section for a while, and hopefully this is just the beginning. (Never mind the blah layout - that's going to change, too.) And, if you've never been to a Celebration, maybe this will whet your whistle into going to a future one. ;)

See you guys next weekend!

Aeryn @ 10:19 pm CST

August 3, 2012
August calendar is up! In honor of the premiere, this month four years ago, of the Clone Wars movie/series pilot. While screenwise, there was very little in the way of interaction for our couple... it still presented us with our first official on-screen interaction between them in three years, since their entrail-wrenching final scene in Revenge of the Sith. However brief, it gave us a glimpse of the literally star-crossed lovers in a less painful time. Desperately in love and fighting for each other, no matter how far apart they were physically.

Now that I've waxed all mushy on you: more updates to come this weekend! As always, stay tuned.

Aeryn @ 11:42 pm CST

July 22, 2012
Sound the alarm - not only do you see a second update in one month, this update includes FANFIC (and a piece of fan art)! Most of these submissions were buried in my inbox for months, and I apologize again to the authors/artists who sent them to me - from this day forward I will be making a better effort to keep up with my inbox, so these works don't get overlooked. Feel free to flog me in the meantime, though.

So I have for you today: One fan art; three AU fics, one TPM, and one TCW. Enjoy! :)

In other semi-bad news, the same gallery glitch that is plaguing the main image galleries appears to be targeting the fan art/wallpaper galleries, too (namely - random images vanishing). So I'll be upgrading those galleries as well.

You've probably noticed lately I've been a bit more... bloggy in some of my updates here. I've got a lot on my mind when it comes to fandom lately, so I've been debating something I probably shouldn't: starting a prequel/female/A&P fan-friendly blog. Primary focus would be Star Wars, but probably wouldn't totally exclude other geek culture biggies (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc). Goodness knows the non-PT fanboys are certainly loud, why shouldn't we be? I've noticed a lot of comments on the tag board recently expressing similar frustration about the treatment of females in things like official merchandise. Shoot, even some people in higher places have noticed things here, too; for a while now I've been receiving press update emails from Her Universe - they know this site is a focal point for a section of the female fanbase. That said, would any of you be interested in reading - or perhaps even contributing to - such a blog if I were to start it? (I do have a livejournal which I never update anymore, so there's a certain appeal to starting somewhere else fresh.) Let me know!

I'm also taking this as an opportunity to start fresh with TMOI - starting next update, you'll see updates to other long-neglected sections, like "Echoed Moments." Stay tuned!

Aeryn @ 5:23 pm CST

July 11, 2012
New July calendar! I got it up before the month was halfway gone, at least. ;)

I do have more updates planned... if you've sent me something up that isn't posted in my next update, please, PLEASE feel free to bring it to my attention!

Aeryn @ 9:35 pm CST

June 24, 2012
Well, crap. During a recent perusal of the image galleries, a little glitch I had earlier noticed now appears to be more widespread than I thought: the disappearance of random chunks of images. I had ignored it for the time being, hoping it would resolve itself on its own like most of my other site glitches, but when you start deleting my shirtless Anakin images, then measures must be taken. :P

I suspect that part of the problem may be that, with the exception of some of my Clone Wars screencaptures, nearly all my other images were uploaded into one folder... and I wonder if that folder is finally saying "NO MORE!" So, starting tonight, I'm going to re-upload the image galleries from the ground up, into more organized folders. Ultimately, once I'm done, you guys shouldn't notice anything too different - aside from hopefully no images missing, and the image counters will be reset. (And it'll actually be easier for ME to find images this way.) For a while, during the process, you may notice certain galleries suddenly disappear and reappear - don't worry. It's not permanent, and I'll keep you guys updated on the process.

I apologize for the glitches, and hope to have it resolved fairly soon, but I fully expect this process to take at least a few weeks.

Aeryn @ 5:52 pm CST

June 17, 2012

One of my new bugbears about Star Wars fandom is the lack of proper female-themed collectibles - it's why I've linked to the above Tonner petition. I'm even thinking of adding a section to the TMOI image galleries for A/P-themed collectibles. In the meantime, Erika of Star Wars Shrine (the same woman behind the Tonner petition) has written a fantastic post about the lack of good female-themed SW collectibles, for our girl Padmé in particular. Check it out! And check out some of her other posts, too - she's got a phenomenal Padmé and Leia collection, including some gorgeous custom Padmés!

Aeryn @ 11:06 pm CST

June 9, 2012
The June calendar is up! More updates to come soon, hopefully later this weekend.

Aeryn @ 12:09 pm CST

May 13, 2012
To all moms out there, be your babies two- or four-legged:

Aeryn @ 9:26 am CST

May 4, 2012
Happy Star Wars Day! :)

To those of you who've been asking: Yes, I finally have the last sets of screencaptures from season 4 of TCW up! Apologies for the delay. Here they are: Anakin, Padmé, A/P.

Great news for female Star Wars and Her Universe fans... starting today, Her Universe's new products will be available on! I'm so happy for Ashley - it's her (and our) next step into a larger world, with HU products showing up on a huge chain store website. And be sure to check out Her Universe's website tomorrow and snag that AWESOME new tote bag! If you're not sure what I'm talking about, you will be tomorrow. :) HU is our best shot at getting more gorgeous Padmé and A/P wearables out there, so they definitely deserve our support!

Also, last but not least, I've updated the Spotlight with an AOTC theme in honor of this month's anniversary!

Aeryn @ 6:33 pm CST

May 1, 2012
Ten years this month since Attack of the Clones was first released! I feel... old. ;)

Believe it or not, there was an A/P fandom prior to AOTC: but it was very small, very lonely, and at times very frustrating. Prior to AOTC, I could count on one hand the number of authors out there who wrote A/P (at that time going by A/A for "Anakin/Amidala") without it being part of the dreaded Monster!Anakin/Angel!Padmé/Saint!Obi-Wan triangle - where Obi-Wan and Padmé were the true star-crossed lovers, and Anakin the unwelcome intruder. Love triangle theories and debates were rampant and bloody. It wasn't exactly the most rewarding experience to be an A/P shipper. In fact, TMOI's very origins came out of my early thoughts of having an "anti-triangle" website. I wanted some place I could revel in my pro-A/A nature without Obidala sticking its nose in everywhere. But even back then I realized it was much more fun to spend time SUPPORTING something I like than DWELLING on something I disliked, so I started TMOI.

AOTC's release changed so much. Now that we finally had an on-screen realization of the romance (pretty kisses!), and a gorgeous adult Anakin to drool over, A/P material popped up everywhere. TMOI was bombarded with submissions. Whatever you think of AOTC, 2002 was an exquisitely busy and manic time to be an A/P shipper. There was an upsurge in fan art, fan fiction, and fan sites all devoted to A/P. The utter absence of any triangle hints in the movie laid to rest many of the fandom love triangle debates. Woohoo!

Now, it feels like things have come back full circle in some ways: we're in a prolonged quiet period, and as it was in 1999, we're back down to two regularly updated A/P-related fan sites, TMOI and Anakin And His Angel. At least this time we're not plagued by Obidala debates. ;)

On a separate note, you may notice the new link here on the main page. Fellow A/P Defender and collector Erika has started an online petition for acclaimed collector-doll designer Robert Tonner to produce more Star Wars dolls - especially but not limited to renditions of Padmé's wardrobe for the three prequels! Tonner is known for producing detailed doll versions of dozens of on-screen characters (among others), perhaps most famously Harry Potter, Gone With the Wind, and The Hunger Games soon to come. Years ago Tonner did release a couple of gorgeous, expensive, extremely limited-edition dolls based on two of Amidala's TPM gowns (the parade and the kimono - check some great pics out in the last two rows of the gallery here), but nothing since then. If video games like Tomb Raider warrant the Tonner treatment, an epic film series like Star Wars, and especially Trisha Biggar's amazing costume design work, certainly does! If you are interested in seeing more high-quality SW collectibles like Tonner dolls, or share my dream of one day owning a 16-inch fully-detailed A/P wedding doll set... check the petition out!

Happy AOTC Anniversary, May the Fourth be with you, and enjoy the new calendar! I actually got it up at the BEGINNING of the month this time! :)

Aeryn @ 10:25 pm CST

April 11, 2012
One day better than the previous months: the April calendar! :) I'd been struggling for inspiration, and then the Clone Wars micro-series comments on the tag-board gave me an idea.

I am working on other content to add, I promise. I just don't have near the time that I used to to work on this site; I'm hoping that will change in the next few months.

Aeryn @ 7:55 pm CST

March 12, 2012
And again it's the 12th of the month... here's hoping April will be better! I've been drained the better part of this past month by a super-nasty chest bug, which even now is just barely hanging on. In honor of the season of renewal, here's what is hopefully a bright, springy enough March calendar. :)

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February 12, 2012
Happy early Valentine's, A/P fans! Just a quickie for now, because I'm on my way out the door to see TPM in 3D (woohoo!) - the February calendar, TPM-themed in honor of this month's re-release! :)

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January 22, 2012
You know, if I thought petitioning Dave Filoni and company for more A/P TCW episodes would have any impact, I'd totally do it. But the very nature of this series means that episodes are planned and created way, WAY before the air date. You can bet money Season 5 is already in production, and beyond that? Well, I'd love to see it, but it's not a guarantee at this point. Either way... yeah, I'm pretty grumbly when it comes to how much A/P we've gotten in the series. Yes, the show is called "The Clone WARS," which means by its nature - and I wouldn't expect otherwise - there's going to be a hefty focus on battles and lightsaber duels and undercover missions and the like. But TCW is still Star Wars, and the A/P relationship is still extremely crucial to the shape of the Star Wars saga as a whole - not just to Anakin and Padmé's own journeys. Luke and Leia didn't come from the stork! ;) So to neglect the A/P relationship does it and TCW something of a disservice, I think. Of course, watch me rant now and then the last few episodes of this season will be an A/P-palooza...

I was delaying updating because I'd hoped to have the next update include the fanfics I've been coding. And the two main (quite long) fics I'm coding are about 80% coded, I'd say. So next update, I fully intend to have them. In the meantime, I don't see the point in delaying the Clone Wars screencap updates any further, and I'm already several episodes behind on those, so here you go: Anakin, Padmé, A/P.

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January 2, 2012
Happy New Year! Still catching up on Clone Wars material: added all the A/P moments up through the currently aired episodes, finished the quotes for season 3, and added some behind the scenes quotes for season 4. (Catherine Taber gives a lot of interviews, and she LOVES to talk about our favorite couple. :)) I've still yet to add the episode quotes for season 4 - it's a little tricky, because while our pair does exchange dialogue in the first few episodes, most of it is purely functional, and I don't see any point in transcribing that.

STILL in the process of coding fanfics to add. Somehow those always get pushed to the bottom of my stack - probably because they're the most time consuming, especially the long stories. That will be my goal for this coming weekend, to finally get those cracked out.

You might notice some changes to the Spotlight: in addition to new featured items, I've switched out the all-but-defunct wallpaper challenge for a Monthly Calendar. Each month, I'll be posting a new calendar here at TMOI - I imagine many of them will be made by me, but if you feel inspired to do one of your own you'd like to see posted, please drop me a line!

New Clone Wars this Friday! I've waited long enough, haven't you? ;)

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December 5, 2011
All caught up on Clone Wars screencaptures, all the way through "Slaves of the Republic" (who's up for photomanipping Padmé into the place of Queen Miraj in some of those shots, right ? ;)): here.

Clone Wars A/P moments and interview quotes to be added next update!

In the meantime, some slightly bumming news on the A/P merchandise front: a friend of mine spoke with Ashley Eckstein at New York Comic Con some weeks ago, and asked when Her Universe would be selling that japor snippet recreation I posted about here a while back. Ashley told my friend that Her Universe was unable to track down the original artist for the snippet - which means they can't get permission to use the design, which means - alas - no HU japor snippet recreation. :( However, a silver lining: there will indeed be some A/P-themed items at Her Universe in the not-too-distant future! I know when that does happen, we'll all be sure to support Ashley and HU in showing that there is indeed a market for A/P items! :) After all, that gorgeous Padmé shirt of theirs was perhaps the most popular shirt I saw at Celebration V...

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October 4, 2011
Too tired for anything else, so here they are, the image galleries from "Shadow Warrior": Anakin, Padmé, and A/P.

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September 26, 2011
Good, the tag-board seems to have gotten its act together for now. Since I may not be able to update later this week and I'm a bit overdue anyway, here're the image updates for "Prisoners": Anakin, Padmé, and A/P.

Also, TMoI regular Hannah has a suggestion for a possible future fic challenge - let us know what you think!

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September 24, 2011
Yes, alas, I am aware of the issues with the tag-board. If they don't resolve themselves VERY quickly, I'll be on the hunt for a new tag-board provider. Sorry about the glitch, guys. Also, still in the process of capping this week's CW episode. Feel free to drop any questions or comments on the forums until the tag-board issue is resolved.

The good news... another CW episode with our pair next week! Hopefully this one will have more in the way of affectionate moments than the previous two, though.

In the meantime, the caps from "Water War" and "Gungan Attack" have been added to Anakin's, Padmé's, and A/P's galleries.

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September 10, 2011
The wait is almost over! This time next week, I'll be posting screencaps from season 4 of TCW! :) The saga Blu-rays come out the same day too, but it's going to be a while longer to figure out how I can cap those. Ideally, I'd like to recap the entire A/P-relevant portions of the saga, but we'll see how involved an effort it's going to be.

Also on the screencaps front: you asked for them, you got 'em! Caps and stills from the last three episodes of TCW season 3 are now up in Anakin's galleries, as well as screencaps of the A/P portions of Lego SW III: TCW. I nearly died laughing while capping the Geonosis segment. :)

Still in the process of coding fanfics; I hope to have those next update.

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July 17, 2011
No excuses, no apologies. Straight to the update:

Couple: 12 scans from the "Darth Vader: The Lost Command" comic, where during a mission Vader is plagued by visions of a life he might have had with Padmé if he'd never turned to the Dark Side. Many thanks to izzy_the_hutt for her hard work scanning those in!

Fan fic updates to come next.

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May 29, 2011
Surprise, I'm alive! :) Welcome to the new layout, I hope you all enjoy it!

Content updates to come soon; getting the new layout coded was a lot of work.

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