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by Love and Rock Music. (TCW) The first half of "Destroy Malevolence," as Anakin and Padmé make their way towards each other.

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It would seem obvious from the fact you're even on this site that you - hopefully - at least like Padmé and Anakin's love story to some degree. Most of us who come here love this pair, prequel bashers be damned; we're proud that we're fans.  Where would Star Wars be without these two?

We all know when these two's love took hold of them. When did it take hold of you?  Send in your story, with your site URL and/or email if you wish.  Try to keep it fairly short... nothing essay length.

Note: it is okay to gush on the total hotness of Hayden/Anakin or Natalie/Padmé, but try not to have that be your only reason!

Most recent stories are at the bottom.


>>Aeryn [site] --> Sometime ago, I became a Darth Vader fan.  He was already a cool bad guy, but when I began thinking about the human side he had, Anakin, I was even more intrigued.  Another thing that very much intrigued me (despite the iffy acting) was the scene in Return of the Jedi where Luke and Leia discuss their mother - such an important character to the overall saga, who only gets mentioned once in three movies.  What was this woman like, the one who'd married the man who became Vader?  How did they come to be involved, and what was their relationship like, aside from obviously tragic?  The rest is history - two separate intrigues melded into one, creating a spark of interest, which the prequels fueled into a small inferno.  *g*


>>Sara [email] --> I didn't much like Star Wars at all. My mom used to sit me down in front of the TV and put it on, but I would wander away 20 minutes in. Of course, I was only four. But whenever someone pushes me to like something, I always rebel. So I just would not like Star Wars, even though my mom wanted me to.

When I was 11 TPM came out. I was on crutches at the time, after having my ankle severely sprained. My mom started bugging me again, and finally I agreed to go see it with them. Well, during the movie the fire alarm went off, and I had to go down the aisle without getting run over (I was small), then up the staris, outside, back down the stairs, back down the aisle again. Then I did it again when the fire alarm went off a second time. Needless to say I didn't go see it again.

After that, I didn't want to watch Star Wars anymore. But then, AOTC came out. I went to see it with my parents and two of my cousins on the second day it came out, and was instantly in love with it. The costumes, the scenery, the romance, I couldn't get enough of it. I am a hopeless romantic, so I loved the interaction between Anakin and Padmé. (Plus Hayden is amazingly hot.) I saw it three times in theatres, once with just my little sister and once alone. I wanted to see it more, but school got in the way.

I had my brother get a friend to download it for me so I could watch it at home. The quality was bad, but I knew most of the scenes by heart by then. I would say the lines with the actors, mimicking their voices.

I bought the DVD the day it came out, and I watch it as often as I can. But for some reason, my mom no longer tries to force me to watch Star Wars. Actually, she now tells me I watch it too much. Go figure.


>>Katelyn [email] --> I have always loved Star Wars since my Dad first made me watch the movies.  When I watched the Trilogy, I always wondered what Luke and Leia's mother was like, why she would marry someone like Darth Vader, but also why Vader was so depressed and angry.  Well, the Prequels answered all my questions!  I was ten when I saw TPM, I only watched it because of Padmé, Anakin, Artoo, and Threepio.  I have to say it wasn't one of Lucas's best.  But when AOTC came out, I matured more and understood SW more better.  Every time I saw Padmé and Anakin together butterflies fluttered in my stomach!  And besides I thought Anakin was really really cute!  So I then became a hardcore P/A fan!


>>Rhonda [site] --> As much as I loved Darth Vader, as curious as I was about his past and his wife/Luke & Leia's mother, I didn't plan on an active interest in the relationship at all. I innocently started watching TPM knowing that this little boy and teenage queen had to get together someday, but for Episode I there was an obvious no/no age gap. Episode I in general was mildly entertaining but, I found I loved every Anakin and Padmé scene. As much as people down-talk little Jake Lloyd, I thought he and Natalie were magnificent in providing a platform for introducing young adult Anakin (Hayden) in Episode II. There was something sweet about the innocence of first love that was seen in Jake Lloyd's Anakin and something equally sweet in how Natalie Portman's Padmé cared for the little boy even though it would be a few years before she could see him as anything else. Episode I established a beautiful relationship between two youngsters and provided a platform for it to mature in Episode II.


>>Lyn [email] --> My parents always liked the movies so, when I was little they sat with me to watch it. I loved it then and I love it now. I adored the movies, especially Leia. When I saw that Endor scene (where Luke tells Leia they're brother & sister) I wondered for that split second that she's mentioned, who she was, what her life had been like... I mean she must be one incredible woman to have "produced" these two amazing people. 

When Ep1 came out I fell in love with SW all over again. But now there was a new character to adore -- Padmé (played by the BEST -- Natalie Portman) and of course cute little Anakin. Ep2... BLEW ME AWAY!! Hello!! Hayden Christensen!! *melts*  Their scenes were pure magic to me... I thought the two of them were beautiful to watch. Their love is so pure, and even though I  knew what was going to eventually happen to them, a part of me wanted it to work SO badly...


>>Mixza [email] --> I saw Star Wars Episode 1 for the first time during a school assembly when the teachers could think of anything else to do with us. I loved it, so I rented it and watched it again. And again. Not long after AOTC came out and I went to movies to see it with some friends. My main thought throughtout the whole movie was : "OMG, Anakin is so HOT!" ;) Basically I loved Anakin and Padmé when I saw the wedding scene. It was just so touching... I loved the way the romance seemed pre-destined, even though we all know it ends in tragedy.


>>Jenna --> My parents were ALWAYS telling me to watch the Star Wars trilogy, telling me they were 'masterpieces'. It wasn't until Episode III came out that I even acknowleged Star Wars. I went to see Episode III with my dad, and I instantly fell in love with it. I was fascinated by Padmé and Anakin's forbidden love, but I was haunted by their tragic ending, far from the happy ending I imagined for them. I went to see it again, and again, until my mum suggested I watch the original trilogy. So, I said yes, and she bought me the Star Wars trilogy DVD box set (bless her ;)) and I watched them all. But I was sad, where were Anakin and Padmé? Where were the couple that had me lying awake at night wondering about their past, and their future ... ? (whoa. dramatic, huh? lol.)

2 months later Star Wars Episode I & II were playing on TV (coincidence? I think not). I watched them, and just like that, I was smitten. I was soooooo happy to see Anakin and Padmé again. And, I mean, how can you NOT fall in love with them? Ohhh, and Hayden was amazingly sexy and dreamy and cute... Yeah, carrying on...

So, I bought Episode II on DVD (I couldn't find Episode I :() and soon after bought Episode III on DVD. So, i watched them over and over again. And I was obsessed with Anakin and Padmé. Every time they had a scene my stomach did flips, I was literally hanging off my seat watching them on my TV even though I knew what was going to happen. I prayed for a happy ending, how Anakin wouldn't turn even and how Padmé wouldn't die, but sadly, no matter how much I watch it the ending remained the same.

Also, in Episode 6, it REALLY annoyed me how in the new version, Padmé didn't show up as a ghost next to the newly sexy Anakin? :O I mean, with no Anakin and Padmé there's NO Star Wars... No Luke and Leia... No forbidden love, no Darth Vader, and no P/A fans!


>>Maria --> When I was very young I remembered sneaking down late at night to watch something called Star Wars from behind the couch which my dad would sometimes watch on TV. I had no idea then what kind of impacting story was buried with in it at the time. Few years later episode I came out but still I was too young to understand then. Even after the release of Episode II, my knowledge of SW was sketchy and I did not care for it. My dad had spent all day acquiring a copy of it, I think an illegal download, lol, just out of curiosity to see it. The quality was so harsh though I couldn't make out the faces, but it left a haunting impression on me. Everything changed, shamelessly I admit, when I discovered Hayden/Anakin and his extreme attractiveness. I fell. Oh yes, I fell but that was just the tip of the iceberg that led me down an extremely fun path of discovery as I uncovered bit by bit the depth of Padmé and Anakin. Sadly my parents are not fans of the prequels and I never had a chance to see ROTS in theatres or ever on good quality. But I stuck to my guns and kept it a secret. Every resource I could pull from I did, if only just to learn more about them or melt in their pools of romance. Keeping it a secret was a pleasure in itself, like a secret getaway.

Since 2002 I've harbored a secret passion for Padme & Anakin and Star Wars altogether, although P/A will always be the driving force. I can't wait to see all the DVDs plus recent Clone Wars movie when I finally get the chance, but this time with my younger sister who discovered my secret and crazily enough, also became a fan.


>>Treasure Ryder--> I would just like to say how much I love your website the 'Moons of Iego.' I have not been a "Star Wars" fan for very long, only a year, and it all began with Anakin and Padmé's relationship. The interaction between the two characters in the "Clone Wars" episode 'Destroy Malevolence' intrigued me so much that I had to find out more. I think this was when I discovered your website 'Moons of Iego.' Since then I have become a daily visitor to your site. The depth of information, pictures, fan fictions and art all related to Anakin and Padmé and their relationship have made this website one of my favourite Star Wars sites.

A few months down the road I had already seen all the "Clone Wars" episodes of the first four season and all the "Star Wars" movies. Soon after I starting exploring the Expanded Universe. [...]

Thank-you for creating the Moons of Iego and helping new fans discover my two favourite characters in "Star Wars," Anakin and Padmé.