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When It Rains
by Meriwyn. (TCW) A lonely Padmé looks to a violent thunderstorm for comfort, and ends up getting more than she was expecting.

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Desktop Calendar // March 2014





You guys are normally excellent about sending in fanworks on your own - but I'm hoping for a way to perhaps encourage creativity in this area for my favorite ship even more.  Hence, a regular fanworks challenge - fan fiction, wallpaper, etc.  Monthly, or however long it takes until I get the number of entries I want. ;)  I will post up each entry as it is submitted, and open the challenge up for voting at the end of the submission period. 

After voting is tallied, the top three winners will receive a banner, and the first place winner will also have their entry featured in that month's spotlight here on TMOI.

RULES: Wallpaper challenge
-- All entries MUST BE A VALID WALLPAPER SIZE. Rule of thumb: if it doesn't look right on your own desktop (aka all pixelated/stretched out/etc.), it doesn't qualify here. If you're still confused, just make it one of these sizes: 1024x768 or 1280x800.
-- Preferably in JPG, PNG, or GIF format.
-- Must be completely your own work.  No taking a part of someone else's artwork and putting it in your piece, please. Using brushes and textures by someone else is fine, if the creator's given the all clear for their creations to be used.
-- Do NOT post your submission(s) anywhere else before the challenge is completed. If I see someone's entry on another site before the winners have been posted, that entry will be immediately disqualified and removed from competition. If I see someone publicly campaigning for votes, that will also be a cause for immediate disqualification.

RULES: Fan Fic Challenges
-- Click here to read the rules for all challenges. If your fic doesn't follow these, you won't be entered!

All wallpaper submissions go to, with voting done through TMOI's message boards. Fic challenges are hosted entirely on TMOI's message boards. You must be a registered user at the forums to vote in the wallpaper challenges or participate at all in the fic challenges.

Got suggestions for a future challenge theme?  Send those in too.

Now - get crackin,' you creative fiends!  ;)  Submissions for Wallpaper Challenge #14 and voting for Wallpaper Challenge #13 now open!


CURRENT CHALLENGE                                                     

Putting the word "challenge" to its literal meaning with this challenge - time to dust off those manipping skills! Take an OFFICIAL non-Star Wars movie poster (no fan posters!) and rework it to feature Anakin and Padmé! I'd prefer it to be a classic movie, but if you really want to do something like, say, Twilight, I certainly won't stop you - the whole point is to have fun! Entries must be based off OFFICIAL posters only, not someone else's fan-made poster, and must feature both Anakin and Padmé. Do your best to make it look like A/P really are part of the poster. :) Challenge will go until I receive 12 entries.

Got questions about the challenge, or want to brainstorm with other participants? Do so in this thread.

>> Click here to view challenge entries.


Past Challenge Entries/Winners                                                                    
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