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by Love and Rock Music. (TCW) The first half of "Destroy Malevolence," as Anakin and Padmé make their way towards each other.

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George Lucas: "It'll be Padmé.  She'll get so angry at him for not picking up his socks."  [joking why Anakin turns dark]

Lucas: "[Padmé is still] madly in love with him." [discussing why Anakin should still be physically attractive in this film]

Lucas: "This is the point where Anakin has to make a decision.  His rationalization is: 'Everybody is after power.  Even the Jedi are after power.'  Therefore, he thinks, 'They're all equally corrupt now.  So which side am I going to be on?  Do I align myself with Palpatine, who is a Sith Lord who can possibly help me save Padmé?  Or do I side with the Jedi and maybe lose Padmé?" [Regarding the Mace/Sidious confrontation]

Lucas: "The thing that breaks Padmé's heart in the end is the fact that Anakin says to her, 'Come and join me.  I have all the power now.  I can rule the universe and you can do it with me.'  So the idea of saving her life has become a minor issue.  And that's when she says, 'Wait a minute.  This is not what I want and you're not the guy I fell in love with!'"  [Regarding Padmé and Anakin's encounter on Mustafar]

Lucas: "Anakin becomes emotionally attached to things: his mother, his wife.  That's why he falls - because he does not have the ability to let go."

Iain McCaig (concept artist): "You have a person who began so naive and idealistic.  And here she is at the end of her life still idealistic.  She believes her love can redeem Anakin - even at the end, she believes it."  [discussing the tragedy of Padmé's character]

Natalie: "This time, Anakin and I are supposed to have been married for several years.  We've supposedly been living together and made a baby together, so you have to fill in those blanks." [regarding dialogue coach Chris Neil's work with her and Hayden]

Chris Neil (dialogue coach): "One of the things we focused on in rehearsals was this sense of history between Anakin and Padmé.  I looked out for the little touches, certain adjustments that might lighten the moment - an embrace, a line reading, or an unspoken moment that might give the audience a chance to invest emotionally in the characters."

Hayden: "...George sees it as an outburst of almost accidental anger that Anakin then has to suffer the repercussions of for the rest of his life.  Anakin thinks he's done the right thing in killing all the Jedi, so George wanted me to come to the scene with enthusiasm.  Things are going to be good.  I'm the most powerful man in the universe and I'm going to be able to save Padmé.'" [regarding how the Jedi slaughter affects Anakin's demeanor on Mustafar with Padmé]

Lucas: "Take it one step further.  You realize that by telling the Jedi about Palpatine being a Sith, that Padmé is going to die.  Basically, you just killed her."  [directing Hayden on how to approach the Council chamber rumination scene]

Lucas: "Showing how much Anakin and Padmé care for each other is one of my weak points.  Expressing that is hard to do.  It's really hard in the end to express the idea, I'm so in love with you that I would do anything to save you; I'd give up everything - friends, my whole life - for you, and make that real - make that stick - and say it in two minutes, which is all the time this film has for it."

Lucas: "It really has to do with learning.  Children teach you compassion.  They teach you to love unconditionally.  Anakin can't be redeemed for all the pain and suffering he's caused.  He doesn't right the wrongs, but he stops the horror.  The end of the saga is simply Anakin saying, I care about this person, regardless of what it means to me.  I will throw away everything that I have, everything that I've grown to love - primarily the Emperor - and throw away my life, to save this person.  And I'm doing it because he has faith in me; he loves me despite all the horrible things I've done.  I broke his mother's heart, but he still cares about me, and I can't let that die.  Anakin is very different in the end.  The thing of it is: the prophecy was right.  Anakin was the chosen one,, and he does bring balance to the Force.  He takes the ounce of good still left in him and destroys the Emperor out of compassion for his son." [regarding the culmination of Anakin's journey in Return of the Jedi]


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