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by Love and Rock Music. (TCW) The first half of "Destroy Malevolence," as Anakin and Padmé make their way towards each other.

The Anakin and Padmé Gallery

Desktop Calendar // March/April 2015




Episode #1: Leaving Coruscant as part of a force sent to war, Anakin flies his starfighter past Padmé's building, where she's standing at a window.  The two gaze at one another for a few moments, Padmé putting a hand on the window of her apartment and Anakin doing the same in his fighter as if to touch one another.  Looking down sadly he flies away, leaving Padmé and the droids staring out at the departing fleet.


Episode #21: One scene has Anakin walking through the lower levels of Coruscant. Soon, he notices a suspicious cloaked figure tracking him.  Darting into an alley, he snatches the figure into the alley with him and ignites a lightsaber at their throat, then realizes with shock that his stalker is Padmé.  They kiss passionately, Anakin telling her how much he's missed her.  After another kiss, he pulls her closer and glances worriedly out of the alley at the passersby, then launches into his frustrations about how their love shouldn't be kept a secret.  Padmé soothes him, telling him things may change after the war and that even in dark places she will always love him; he quips slyly that she looks good in the dark.  They kiss again, but are interrupted by a newly gold-plated Threepio, searching for Padmé.  Anakin is then summoned back to the Council.  Reluctantly, he kisses her one last time, telling her he loves her.

Later in that episode, after Anakin is Knighted, Threepio presents Anakin's severed Padawan braid to Padmé.  She delightedly places it in an intricate box with the japor pendant, closes her eyes and holds the box to her chest.  As a gift, she presents Artoo to Anakin via hologram.  Anakin smiles wistfully at her hologram, reaching out with his mechanical hand as if to hold her holographic figure in it.


Episode #22: Anakin lands his starfighter in the sunset shadows of a Theed archway, where a cloaked Padmé awaits him.  She notices the new scar across his eye and her eyes widen in worry; she reaches out to it.  He removes her hand, and they embrace fiercely.  Then the cartoon cuts to a shot of a building, where a light is on in one window - which then goes out.  Yay for implied cartoon nookie.  ;)  This meeting seems to partially contradict the Obsession comic, but I'm not complaining.  It's still P/A action!


Episode #24: Undergoing a native tribal ritual on a suspected Separatist planet, Anakin experiences a disturbing vision when he comes across a tribal art mural on the cave wall.  The figures in the painting seem to come alive.  Two female figures are singled from the main group, one of whom is soon killed by a vicious monster.  The second immediately runs to the warrior figure for protection; the warrior slays the monster easily.  But more monsters keep coming, larger and larger, and the warrior keeps slaying them to protect the female, drawing on more and more of the darkness around him to do so.  The darkness attached to the warrior multiplies rapidly and soon fills a great deal of the mural.  It seems to almost have a mind of its own; it lashes out and destroys all of the warrior's tribe and, after a moment, attacks and envelops the second female as well.  A flash of the Vader mask is seen among the cave paint, and Anakin hears Padmé's voice cry out his name.


Originally, there had been another planned P/A moment in the first cartoon series (episodes 1-10) where, at a quiet moment during the war, Anakin discreetly takes out a small hologram of Padmé and thinks about how much he misses her.  This was scrapped, however, due to Lucasfilm's stipulation that the cartoon not touch the P/A love story.  (Shame, really, as it would have been sweet - and really, how much would a moment like that have screwed with canon?) Obviously, this ban was relaxed in time for the second half of the series.


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