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by Love and Rock Music. (TCW) The first half of "Destroy Malevolence," as Anakin and Padmé make their way towards each other.

The Anakin and Padmé Gallery

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(Know of a moment I don't have listed?  Email me! I'm definitely no huge conoisseur of the EU, so I know there're a hell of a lot out there I haven't seen.)


Star Wars: Empire: in one issue (someone please tell me?), Vader has a flashback of a scene shortly before his mother's funeral in Attack of the Clones.  In it Anakin laments to Padmé how he failed his mother. She tries to comfort him, telling him he didn't fail, and was everything Shmi would have wanted.  He promises Padmé he'll never fail her - which seems to sadden her.


Star Wars: Republic #52, 'The New Face of War, Part 2': As Anakin looks from space at a Naboo threatened by the Separatists, in a mental letter to his wife he tells how much he fears for her, that Naboo's moon is a wasteland and he worries Naboo will be next, and wants to abandon his post to help her... but he knows she would want him to protect the innocents that are threatened, so he continues his mission and tries not to fear.  (For the specific monologue, see the quotes section.)


Obsession (issue #1) has Anakin reunited with Padmé one night at the Lake Retreat.  They embrace, then she alarmedly asks how he got the scar over his eye.  He assures her it's nothing, and that he has incredible news: they have ten days all to themselves.  They kiss. (I'm personally not wild over the artwork in this series - I don't think it looks a bit like the actors - but hey, at least it had some sweet moments.)


A later scene in issue #1 has Anakin and Padmé (and Artoo) walking alongside a brook in very casual attire, Anakin trying to assure Padmé the war is nearly at an end.  The topic of Obi-Wan comes up and Anakin tells her he's frustrated with him; Padmé sees his emotions for what they really are and tells Anakin he's just worried about Obi-Wan on his current mission. He admits she's right.


Obsession #2: Anakin and Padmé are in their bedclothes at a quiet breakfast together outside at the retreat.  Padmé observes that Anakin probably wants to go back to the war - he admits part of him does, but another part wants to stay on Naboo with her and never pick up a lightsaber again.  She says he doesn't mean that, that even though he's her husband, he's still a Jedi first.  Anakin assures her that once the war's over, he'll be able to come back to Naboo and live with her; however, she's not as confident as he is in Palpatine's abilities to keep so many problems in line.  Then their breakfast is interrupted by a surprise visitor - Obi-Wan.

Anakin asks how Obi-Wan found him; Obi-Wan quips that every Padawan in the Temple knows where to find Anakin, but that he doesn't care what Anakin does on leave, and that he needs Anakin to help him hunt down Asajj Ventress. Anakin angrily refuses, declaring he already killed Ventress and that he's going to focus his attentions on the living. Eventually, Padmé calms him, and he reluctantly agrees to go. As Obi-Wan leaves, they embrace, and Padmé tells Anakin she feels it will be months before she sees him again - and that she loves him. Anakin tells her to remember that, because he'll back. (This is possibly a throwback to the original scripted dialogue for the Han/Leia love declaration in TESB: after Leia told Han she loved him, Han replied "just remember that, 'cause I'll be back.") It's strongly suggested that this is the last time Anakin and Padmé see each other prior to RotS, which would likely mean this visit to Naboo was when the twins were conceived - at least, as far as the "Legacy" continuity says.


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